One God in three persons is a mysterious paradox, but our beliefs about it should not be.

Trinity Matters encourages us to take the doctrine of the Trinity to its radical conclusion. Without the Trinity, Christianity is Godless and no different from other world-views. The Trinity is how Jesus understood God (and himself), and it matters because the life of the Trinity shows us how to live an abundant life in God right now.



In Trinity Matters, Steve Dancause helps us move from viewing the Trinity as a belief that is too complicated, to uncovering and celebrating one of the richest truths within our faith — that God is eternal, relational love, and we are invited to be a part of that love life when we follow Jesus as the way. 

-Bruxy Cavey (bruxy.com), Pastor of The Meeting House (themeetinghouse.com) and author of the best selling book (re)union: the good news of Jesus, for seekers, saints, and sinners.


Trinity Matters is a welcome remedy to our hierarchical thinking and individualized culture. This introduction to the complex doctrine of the Trinity for students, pastors, and teachers portrays the God who is knowable yet mysterious, relevant but profound. Short chapters make the book accessible, clear prose makes it understandable, visual models aid comprehension, and “Live Like It Matters” sections apply the complex doctrine to everyday life. Steve’s focus on Jesus is welcome in an age when people reject traditional religion but identify with the biblical Jesus and the centrality of love and mutual submission.

-Dr. John Yeatts, Professor Emeritus at Messiah College and Senior Pastor Emeritus at Grantham Church.


Seldom has an introduction to the wonders of the Trinity been as fun, approachable, and joy-filled as this one is. In language as fresh as it is faithful, we meet the overflowing love of the Father, Son, and Spirit—our God who has freely been for and with us from first to final new creation. Welcome to a delightful lesson in the Church's Tri-personal language, and wonderful words of life, for the world.

-Dr. Cherith Nordling, Associate Professor of Theology at Northern Seminary. 


What you think about when you think about God shapes your imagination for the good life and community. Trinity Matters teases this out profoundly! Steve Dancause has been exploring this great divine mystery for most of his years on this planet and now we get to join him in the wonder and joy of discovering abundant life in the Three and the One. 

-Dr. Dwight J. Friesen, Associate Professor of Practical Theology at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology; co-author of The New ParishRoutes and Radishes, and author of Thy Kingdom Connected. Co-founder of the Inhabit Conference, and Leadership in the New Parish.